Montano Assistive Technology Center Services

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White Room:

The white room has a variety of sensory experiences that may be utilized to calm or excite. With either situation, they are always engaged with both the activity and the intervention specialist. Depending on the client’s needs the equipment in either of our rooms can be used for intervention, to prepare the client before a task, or as a reward for completing a task.

  • The white room offers various swings that can be used to soothe and relax the client. The swings are accompanied by psycho-acoustic music. The leaf swing is a multi-directional swing that cradles the client in a lying position. There are also net swings available for clients who need full body deep pressure while swining. The taco swing allows clients to lie flat on their back or stomach.
  • The white room also features a ball pool. Clients may perform better once they have spent time in our vibro-acoustic ball pool which will bring them to a state of alertness with its colorful balls, and music they can feel through their entire body. Clients can receive treatment while inside the ball pool with the use of a portable table top.

Black Room:

The purpose of the black room is focus. Attention can be drawn directly to the desired platform the instructor has chosen. Visually the object or stimulus is isolated. This allows for the instructor to avoid distractions that may otherwise divide the attention of the client.

  • The black room offers a vibro-acoustic play floor. Individuals can lie on an elevated play foor that enables their entire body to experience a vibrating sensation. This can be used to alert a client to his/her surroundings and aids the process of early interaction between the client and the instructor.
  • The black room also offers fiber optics. To stimulate speech, indviduals may interact with voice activated fiber optic strands. When they talk different colored lights twinkle and then become dormant with silence. This promotes talking by giving an immediate reward for audible speech. Other fiber optics create showers overhead while clients sit on beanbags and look at his/her own reflection in mirrors. This is a highly sought after visual experience for many of our clients. Add the tactile aspect of holding and manipulating the strands themselves and it becomes easy to see why there is such a demand for this activity.
  • In other visual presentations there are images protected on a large movie screen these images are manipulated by the client’s voice. Along with other types of software, this quickly becomes an interactive center of attention and expression.

Virtual Reality:

Puts the client in the center of attention. Interactive images combine with sound to give visual, auditory, and tactile sensory experiences to create an environment that encourages language. Imagine the language skills that can be gained while they are completely invovled in any one of our many virtual reality displays!

Computer Lab:

The computer lab offers a selection of software and a variety of adaptive devices and strategies that enable clients (even clients who have tried other resources) to communicate their needs/desires. The software offered build skills used to activate speech devices, build language skills, improve auditory processing, improving writing skills, and more. The hardware used includes touch monitors, large screen presentations, assistive technology, and iPads.